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מיסטיקה, רוחניות, יהדות וקבלה
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חלומות, מיסטיקה, רוחניות, אסטרולוגיה, עידן חדש, מטפלים
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Multi-dimensional communication strategy’ may be a mouthful to say, but it’s actually pretty simple. What it boils down to is a comprehensive communications strategy that targets multiple, relevant audiences through a variety of modes, platforms, and media content. As your Communications team knows, a solid communications strategy is vital to the success of an organization; it can help increase employee morale, ensure a consistent brand and image, and help achieve company goals more efficiently. Here are four key components to ensure your multi-dimensional communication strategy has a big impact.

1. Target your audience

As a first step, identify the different audiences you need to reach. Consider all groups that have an effect on your company, from stakeholders and employees to customers or government agencies. Then, rank the influence and importance of these groups to prioritize communication. Target each message for the intended audience. To find out more about these groups, research their knowledge and attitudes towards your company or towards a specific goal you have. Then, compare this level of awareness to what you’d like these groups to understand. For example, if you discover employees aren’t aware of additional training programs, your employee communications plan will include additional information on training. If you discover customers only know your organization for one product, your customer plan might involve highlighting additional products.

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